Reflections from working with a Whole School responsibility

The more I’ve been thinking about our potential future planning moving forward, the more I have found myself taking some time to reflect on the current academic year and the progress and development made. Last August, I was appointed the Teaching and Learning Lead which, in essence, was my first whole school responsibility at school.Continue reading “Reflections from working with a Whole School responsibility”

Improving wellbeing and limiting workload stressors

What are some practical suggestions? There has been a lot written in the last year or two about wellbeing and supporting staff workload in education to avoid ‘burnout’. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about quite a lot, particularly in the last week or two as I look to evaluate and streamline our existing systemsContinue reading “Improving wellbeing and limiting workload stressors”

The Power of Observations – Teaching and Learning Reflections

I strongly believe in the power of observation for development. At school, our NQTs and RQTs are required to observe teachers within the school from a variety of departments and to reflect with their mentor afterwards about what they gained from this process. We also encourage all staff members to do the same and haveContinue reading “The Power of Observations – Teaching and Learning Reflections”

What I learnt from the first week back

*Lets out a deep breath*. Week one physically back at school is complete. There were smiles, there was tons of excitement, there were chats and catching-up, there were lessons and there was lots of hand gel. I loved it. In previous posts, I have written about the importance of continually reflecting on our own practiceContinue reading “What I learnt from the first week back”

CPD ‘Breakfast’ and ‘Expert Panel’ Events

This week, we hosted two new CPD events within our current structures. I’ve had a few questions on Twitter about both of them and so this post aims to rationalise the approaches and offer advice for anyone looking to implement something similar in their school. For the purpose of this blog, I am going toContinue reading “CPD ‘Breakfast’ and ‘Expert Panel’ Events”

Remote Teaching: Reflections and what can we use in the classroom moving forward?

This is my third post on Remote Teaching alongside a ‘Support and Tips’ post and ‘less is sometimes more’. I’ve decided to take my own advice in this post. Depending on your viewpoint, next week we will be emerging from the shadows of remote teaching to the spring of classroom-based practice. However, I believe itContinue reading “Remote Teaching: Reflections and what can we use in the classroom moving forward?”

What questions do we need to consider for ‘catch-up’?

I find the term ‘catch-up’ interesting in itself. What does it even mean? Who are pupils catching-up with? Their predecessors? Their peers? An imagined view of themselves if we were not in a worldwide pandemic? How can we know where they are ‘meant to be’? In the last few weeks, there has been a lotContinue reading “What questions do we need to consider for ‘catch-up’?”

Remote Teaching: ‘less is sometimes more’

Before the Autumn Term ended last year, I distinctly remember speaking to a member of staff and within the flow of our conversation, I promoted the merits and benefits of Twitter and encouraged them to sign up and access the resources shared within it. I was a little taken aback by their response. “There isContinue reading “Remote Teaching: ‘less is sometimes more’”

Remote Teaching: Support and Tips

In the next week or two, I imagine there are going to be lots of posts about Remote Teaching as the EduTwitter community come together to support each other and share best practice moving forward (especially this brilliant post by @elucymay this by @LouisEvertt1 and @MissHudsonHist‘s recent Twitter thread). Last week, I added my ownContinue reading “Remote Teaching: Support and Tips”

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